2nd PEGASUS International Symposium –

14.05. 2nd PEGASUS International Symposium – HOW SAFE IS SAFE ENOUGH

On the way to automated driving, the whole world is trying to give answers to relevant questions in the field of safeguarding. The PEGASUS project is focusing on the following two: How safe is safe enough? and How can we prove that the automation is good enough? Funded by the German Government, 17 scientific and industrial partners started to answer these questions in 2016 within the national research project PEGASUS. In order to achieve international acceptance, however, a common approach is necessary. With the first PEGASUS Symposium in November 2017 and a couple of Expert Workshops an international platform was created which allows an open exchange for effective and uniform testing as well as for securing highly-automated vehicles.

The 2nd PEGASUS Symposium will be accompanied by an exhibition which provides insights into the results of the PEGASUS-project. Meet us un the exhibition at the “Test Automation” stand.