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FMU SDK License Conditions The FMU SDK is provided by QTronic under the BSD License. FMU SDK license Copyright © 2008-2018, QTronic GmbH. All rights reserved. The FmuSdk is licensed by the copyright holder under the BSD License (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.html): Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are [...]




Interview with Jennifer Hofmann, Developer / Consultant at QTronic, Stuttgart What are your daily tasks? My daily tasks always look a bit different, depending on the needs and the priorities. On the one hand, it is about to take care of customer projects. This means, among other things, to analyze and fix detected errors, to implement [...]




Interview with Jan Ribbe, Senior Developer / Consultant at QTronic, Munich What are your daily tasks? In the first place is the primary project work which goes hand in hand with consulting and support services for the customers. Furthermore, we all contribute to product development, according to our individual capabilities. What did you do before [...]


interview with employee Mathias Höhne


Interview with Mathias Höhne, Senior Developer / Consultant  at QTronic, Berlin What is your role at QTronic and how does a typical working day look like? I take care of different customers mainly in northern Germany, as well as worldwide. From the first contact to the established process, I support the virtualization of development- and test [...]

interview with employee Mathias Höhne2019-05-27T12:48:58+01:00

Mercedes Benz: platform-independent test, ATZelektronik 01-02/2019


Continuous, Platform-independent Testing of Functional Requirements, ATZelektronik 01-02/2019 Abstract: Thousands of kilometres are driven in simulation and with real car prototypes to ensure that all functional, safety and quality requirements are met with enough coverage of the various operating conditions and driving situations. In this paper, Daimler [...]

Mercedes Benz: platform-independent test, ATZelektronik 01-02/20192019-10-02T22:03:27+01:00

Honda: Chip Simulation for virtual ECUs


Simulation of Engine Control Units Japanese car manufacturer Honda uses Silver to simulate engine controls. More Information Download Presentation Yutaka Murata: Chip simulation for virtual ECUs. Slides presented at the QTronic User Conference 2018, October 18th 2018. [...]

Honda: Chip Simulation for virtual ECUs2019-10-02T22:07:43+01:00

Jianglu & Rongda: CVT control software testing


CVT control software testing Download Presentation Lionel Belmon, Liu Fei – Global Crown Technology, Beijing Zeng Weihua - Jianglu Rongda, Changsha, Slides presented at the QTronic  User Conference 2018. Back to all References [...]

Jianglu & Rongda: CVT control software testing2019-06-11T17:25:45+01:00

Mercedes-Benz: engine control


Development of Engine Control Units Daimler uses Silver for the development and optimization of ECUs for diesel and gasoline engines, as well as for other ECUs along the powertrain. Virtual ECUs are built either from the C sources or from the HEX file of the target ECU processor. This way, Daimler [...]

Mercedes-Benz: engine control2019-04-02T14:34:44+01:00

Mercedes-Benz: automatic transmissions


Validation of Transmission Control Software for ATs and DCTs Daimler uses Silver and TestWeaver to develop and test all members of the 7G-Tronic and 9G-Tronic automatic transmissions. This process is used to for dual clutch transmissions as well. Key features of the development and test process: virtual TCUs built from generated Simulink/TargetLink code [...]

Mercedes-Benz: automatic transmissions2019-06-11T13:10:48+01:00