We are QTronic

We are an experienced team of engineers, computer scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. At our offices in Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Cluj-Napoca, and Beijing, we passionately work on the development and introduction of new tools for the simulation-based development of vehicle systems.

The idea behind QTronic

Nowadays, a typical car contains software with 100 to 150 million lines of code, distributed across 30 to 80 ECUs, and about 30.000 physical components. This puts vehicles among the most complex technical systems on the world. The rapidly growing size of the software stack and the complex interaction of software and physical components creates an enormous challenge for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

QTronic offers development tools and services to manage this new kind of complexity.

Our products

We provide tools and services to develop vehicle software faster, safer, and better than others. Our approach: To master the complexity of software-intensive vehicle systems, the development process should be virtualized by shifting software development steps from prototype vehicles, test rigs and HiL (hardware in the loop) to the PC of the function developer.

As a result, the software can be tested simultaneously at many work seats (in parallel), and in a highly available, comfortable and relatively inexpensive environment (Windows PC). Virtualization enables a tremendous increase in test coverage. This increases the safety of the development process and reduces the risk of critical error being undetected during development. Moreover, errors are detected earlier in the process. This makes the troubleshooting cheaper. The idea is also known as “frontloading” of validation and test. The picture below shows the virtual development process. QTronic’s business is entirely within the green disc.

The technical basis for virtualization is simulation technology, which has also developed rapidly in the last decade. Essentially, QTronic develops and sells two tools:

  • Silver is a tool for creating and running virtual ECUs. A virtual ECU is a model of a real electronic control unit that executes most of the ECU’s software and provides very similar interfaces of a real one. Silver is used to virtualize the development of automotive software. Today, Silver is the market leader for virtual ECUs. In fact, Silver (first released in May 2008) was the first such tool on the market.
  • TestWeaver is used for large-coverage testing of automotive software, typically in combination with Silver virtual ECUs. TestWeaver is our solution for test automation and used to implement “frontloading” of validation and test.

Besides, QTronic also offers all kinds of services related to Silver (virtualization of ECUs) and TestWeaver (test automation).

The founding team

Andreas Junghanns, Ph.D.

Study of computer science at the TU Chemnitz and in Madrid, Spain. Doctorate 1994-99 at the University of Alberta, Canada on computer games such as chess. Afterwards research associate of IT research at DaimlerChrysler.

Expertise: Co-simulation of computer-controlled devices, tool chain integration.

Phone: +49 30 35121066
Cell Phone: +49 160 1109722

Jakob Mauss, Ph.D.

Study of computer science and physics at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Ph.D. at Daimler-Benz corporate research (1994-96). Work for Technical University of Munich and consultant (STA-fellow) at the Japanese space agency NASDA (today JAXA). Project manager at DaimlerChrysler corporate research (1999-2006).

Expertise: Modeling and simulation of technical systems.

Phone: +49 30 35121067
Cell Phone: +49 174 1020362

Mugur Tatar, Ph.D.

Studied electrical and automation engineering at the TU Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Ph.D. in model-based diagnosis of technical systems at the University of Hamburg. Worked for DaimlerChrysler corporate research 1993 to 2006.

Expertise: Test automation, failure analysis.

Phone: +49 30 35121068
Cell Phone: +49 172 9741856