Continuous Integration and Test
for Engine Controls

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo Cars uses Silver virtual ECUs as well as TestWeaver for continuous integration and test of the control software.

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Mattias Eriksson, Johannes Foufas, Neda Nickmehr (Volvo Cars) and Michael Hartmann (QTronic): Continuous Integration and Validation Using Closed-Loop SiL Simulation for Propulsion Control and Calibration

Slides presented at the 12th Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle (GSVF) 2019, May 7-8, 2019, Graz, Austria

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Johannes Foufas: Continuous integration and continuous validation with explorative tests for propulsion controls and calibration. Slides presented at the QTronic User Conference 2018, October 18th 2018.

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Johannes Foufas, Michael Hartmann, Martin Andreasson, Andreas Junghanns: Continuous Integration and Test from Module Level to Virtual System Level. Embedded World Conference 2018, Nürnberg, Germany. Presentation slides

Volvo Cars Job Swap: Episode 5 – Virtual Test Engineer Going from real engines to digital ones – trying the job as virtual test engineer

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