Interview with Jan Ribbe, Senior Developer / Consultant at QTronic, Munich

What are your daily tasks?
In the first place is the primary project work which goes hand in hand with consulting and support services for the customers. Furthermore, we all contribute to product development, according to our individual capabilities.

What did you do before your time at QTronic?
Before my time at QTronic, I was working at a larger research institute and involved in numerical simulations and the development of image analysis techniques.

What motivated you to work at QTronic?
The participation in the automotive sector appeared very attractive to me. The first personal impression in the company pointed to a pleasant and at the same time professional working environment. This impression has been confirmed as expected.

How does QTronic differ from other companies?
The contact to the management is unprecedented. Suggestions for improvement, constructive criticism and individual concerns always find an open ear. Own performance will be recognized.

What do you think applicants should bring with them to be successful in your field?
The job offers varied projects in an innovative technology sector. However, its fast pace life demands in return a high willingness to learn. Besides, strong communication skills are essential for coping with everyday life and should not be underestimated.