Interview with Jennifer Hofmann, Developer / Consultant at QTronic, Stuttgart

What are your daily tasks?
My daily tasks always look a bit different, depending on the needs and the priorities.

On the one hand, it is about to take care of customer projects. This means, among other things, to analyze and fix detected errors, to implement new features in existing projects, as well as to update projects and to test different software states. In addition, there are also customer-independent tasks to do. For example, before a new release, someone checks for errors and analyzes the differences to the previous version. Furthermore, new tasks can always be assigned over time. Therefore, it is necessary to get familiar with new topics and to deepen your knowledge.

Since when do you work for QTronic and what did you do before?
I have been working at QTronic since July 2018. Before that, I studied mathematics at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.

What motivated you to work at QTronic?
Given that I orientated my studies in the field of applied mathematics very early, I came into contact with quite a lot of programming and various programming languages. The core area of QTronic, the virtualization of control units in the automotive industry, is not a topic that I have dealt with until then, but I was convinced that this work includes exiting and varied tasks that fit well to my profile.

In addition, working at the interface between engineering and programming posed a new challenge for me.

What do you like about QTronic?
The size of the company is manageable, everyone knows each other and the interaction is always friendly. In case of problems, there is still a colleague who is willing to keep an eye on the problem and help.

When I started, I quickly had the feeling of being integrated into the team. This made my entry much easier. Even now, the pleasant working atmosphere contributes to a specific feel-good factor. Also, the hierarchies are flat and the contact with the boardroom is very direct.

What do applicants have to bring with them to be successful?
I think it is especially helpful to have a specific affinity for programming and a certain openness to new concepts. Since dealing with people is a big part of the job, it is important to be communicative and team-minded towards the customer and the colleagues, too.