Interview with Mathias Höhne, Senior Developer / Consultant  at QTronic, Berlin

What is your role at QTronic and how does a typical working day look like?

I take care of different customers mainly in northern Germany, as well as worldwide. From the first contact to the established process, I support the virtualization of development- and test environments.

The usual business day starts with a coffee and sorting the inbox. When all ToDo’s are set up for the day, debugging and implementing starts. In the case of big hurdles, my colleagues are always willing to support, and together we find a solution. In addition to work with our tools, consulting is also an essential part. Together with the customer, problems are analyzed, and the appropriate solutions are worked out. As QTronic handles a wide range of virtualizations, we as a team always find the right strategy.


What did you do before your time at QTronic?
I studied mechatronics at the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg and switched from there to the Beuth (formerly TFH) Berlin, where I completed my master’s degree in embedded systems. In the meantime, I worked as a working student at an automotive supplier and put my focus on the evaluation of suitable hardware-software platforms for Connected Driving.

How did you come to QTronic?
Shortly after my graduation I was contacted by a former neighbor of QTronic and asked if I may like to introduce myself. After the job interview has been successful, I faced the choice between large brand companies or the medium-sized company QTronic. Now, I am at QTronic!

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Clearly, I like the self-responsible work and the wide variety of the projects, as well as the range of the customer requirements. The goals of the customers regarding the virtualization of their ECUs, range from simple execution of fewer lines of code to extensive project work with intensive customer contact. In this case, the right coaching is required to provide the perfect solution to the customer.

What do applicants have to bring with them to be successful?
Are not afraid of the unknown. Almost every week new tasks come to me, which can also be very challenging. But once you’ve understood the issues and come up with a solution for the customer, the efforts have always been worth it.