Validation of Transmission
Control Software for ATs and DCTs

Daimler uses Silver and TestWeaver to develop and test all members of the 7G-Tronic and 9G-Tronic automatic transmissions. This process is used to for dual clutch transmissions as well. Key features of the development and test process:

  • virtual TCUs built from generated Simulink/TargetLink code or from hand written code
  • virtual TCUs simulated in closed loop with accurate powertrain models on Windows PC
  • every software release: 24h test run on several PCs in parallel
  • thousands of gearshifts generated and analyzed automatically
  • coverage reports for: source code, functional requirements, operational states.

More Information

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Holger Brückmann, Alexander Waiss, Markus Stix, Ingo Matheis: Continuous, Platform-independent Testing of Functional Requirements. ATZelektronik 01-02/2019

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Anton Rink, Alexander Waiss: Silver and TestWeaver for function development for automatic transmissions. Slides presented at the QTronic User Conference 2018, October 18th 2018.

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Tjark Kiefer, Ingo Matheis: Module Test in System Context, 10th Symposium on Automotive Powertrain Control Systems, 11. – 12.09.2014, Berlin, Germany.

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S. Gloss, M. Slezak, A. Patzer: Validation of over 200 Transmission Variants on PC. ATZelektronik 04/2013.

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E. Chrisofakis et. al.: Simulation-based development of automotive control software with Modelica. 8th International Modelica Conference, 20-22.03.2011, Dresden, Germany.
Slides for the above paper.

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Brückmann, Strenkert, Keller, Wiesner, Junghanns: Model-based Development of a Dual-Clutch Transmission using Rapid Prototyping and SiL. International VDI Congress Transmissions in Vehicles 2009, Friedrichshafen, Germany, 30.06.-01-07.2009.
Sildes for the above paper.

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A. Rink, E. Chrisofakis, M. Tatar: Automating Test of Control Software – Method for Automatic Test Generation. ATZelektronik 6/2009 Volume 4, pp. 24-27.

9G-TRONIC simulation on PC with Silver – by courtesy of Daimler AG

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